Midya Yoga


Graduated from a Master in Business and Management international, she naturally droped her career for Yoga. After 18 years of judo, Midya began her long journey to yoga by discovering her passion for Ashtanga. Graduated from a 500RYT Ashtanga Vinyasa by Sampoorna school (South India), Yin and Aerial Yoga, she develops a unique method of teaching, away from the traditional Vinyasa, adapting her own practice. Judo influenced her teaching by making it very precise and ultra dynamic. She co-created HOLIKA Formations Professionnelles Holistiques where she co-leads 200RYT & 300RYT in Ashtanga, Vinyasa, and 75hr Yin & Restauratif. She is also the co-foundator of Bliss Project where she organizes her own retreats and events around the world. She started in 2020 as a holistic coach to help many women around the world find their inner power, self love and guide them back to a life and body full of prana, the vital force.

Passionate about anatomy, she continues her trainings In anatomy/pathology and is actually following the path to become a Nutritionist.


"I want to share what I love and split this energy, to help impact lives as much as I can. Yoga has brought me more peace and more inner strength than I ever imagined possible. I want to show people that I believe in their physical capacities and mental strength, even if they don’t yet know how strong they are. I want to boost their confidence just as yoga did for me."

My Healing Story

When I was 13, the doctors diagnosed me with scoliosis, a medical condition which means the spine is curved. The doctors told me I should not continue with any sport, but my sport was my life and I continued nevertheless. The consequence came 10 years later, where my scoliosis worsened to the point that I wasn’t able to live a normal life. My father had to massage me after every training for an hour until I was able to stand properly and open my chest. I was waking up every morning with so much pain in my lower back that a simple walking became a challenge. The doctors answer for this was a sugery which shocked me with its violence, the spine forced straight and bloted in place. I couldn’t reconcile with such an act, and decided surgery was not an option. My option became to fight it by respecting my body.

This is what brought me to yoga. At that time, I had no idea how much yoga would impact on my entire life. I started yoga for the physical aspect but once immersed in the practise, I pursued it for the spiritual – the balance, happiness and stillness it brought into my everyday life. I feel complete when I am on a yoga mat. My home is where my mat is. And it has physically transformed me – I no longer feel any pain, and forget I even have scoliosis. A miraculous feeling that has given me a new life.